All things new

As the new year closes in, it's natural to be contemplative. How have i spent the year; the hours wasted and the hours worthwhile? Who are the new people I've met or grieve over the ones I've lost. When did feel love or lack there of. Like a pendulum, i swing between extremities, floating in the spectrum of existence to find balance. That very struggle, is the tension I enjoy.

That strange desire to move forward through drawing inspiration from the past. 

For a while now, I've been sitting too still. But it's inevitable when you're planting roots back at your birthplace. But I'm ready to explore again and set my nomadic heart ablaze. Where to next tho? No man's land. Everyman's land. A place that knows no wars, or home to no tribe, owned by no-one; Owned by all. 


This plan has been a few years in the making, and if you're reading this. Thank you for taking an interest in my next journey. More details coming soon