WATCH Brand New Music Video for “Simple Kind Of Life”

Indie pop darling and singer-songwriter, iNCH, is back with a brand new music video for her latest single ‘Simple Kind Of Life’ off her widely popular island-inspired Letters To Ubin EP!

Directed by Gerard Lopez and shot in Manila the music video features a deskbound iNCH dreaming of a simpler life whilst a robot attempts to win her over with several romantic gestures that all ultimately fail. Despite its title, Simple Kind Of Life is a layered, funk-pop track that dares you to sit still while the popping bass lines and bouncy beats take over the tune. 

“While living in Pulau Ubin, I found that the toughest part wasn’t adapting to provincial life. It was getting the urban life to leave me alone. This song pretty much was birthed craving for a simple kind of life.” - iNCH

Released in 2015, Letters To Ubin saw iNCH musing on city life and the countryside, deflecting back and forth between the mechanical and analog worlds. The seven tracks in the EP take listeners on a journey through the island, evoking its drowsy idleness and quirky residents, marked with the artist’s own reflections of a simpler life. 

Since the release of Letters To Ubin, iNCH has also been dabbling in theatre work, keeping herself busy with projects such as Detention Katong and the Pangdemonium production Tango. Most recently, she had also been involved in penning music for a mini-documentary for The Discovery Channel. 

Coming up, iNCH and her band will be taking to stage again for an epic show at Shine Festival 2017 this July! There will also be an exciting new release on the horizon in the later half of the year – more details to follow!