+ Q: Why is your name, inch?

A: I give a different answer every time now, hence you might get various versions everywhere. I might give the real answer if you can enlighten me as to why it's such pivotal information you must have to make sense of me.

+ Q: Are you open to collaboration?

A: Yes, i am open to any artistic or creative collaborations, as long as make sense and/or connect on a personal level.

+ Q: What about working with brands/products?

A: Always excited to hear more about local SME and Made In Singapore products. We might or might not collaborate, but if i'm happy to share or support. I am, however, particular on only using, animal-testing free products and working with companies that have sustainability as a focus in their business practices.

+ Q: Are you open to interviews?

A: As much as i would like to, i am unable to accede to every interview request. I naturally gravitate towards interviews covering a topic previously untouched. My sincere apologies!






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