Singapore’s favourite indie princess has (once again) delightfully enchanted her listeners with her songwriting prowess.
— pandarocketship
Inch Chua’s unquenchable desire to play with sound and take electric instruments to the next level is evident on Bumfuzzle... All of these tracks are perfect for anyone who is a fan of a perfect combination of classic guitar playing and modern experimentation and ingenuity. And, best of all, this girl can sing.
— Matt Garrison, The Aquarian Weekly
Having gone into this one knowing virtually nothing about Singapore’s music scene, I was a bit nervous. Bumfuzzle is a serious joy to listen to though. The uniqueness of each track creates some serious replay value; Meanwhile, Inch Chua consistently produces rich tones and haunting melodies . The entire experience will leave you coming back for more. 8/10★

— John Naessig, Surviving The Golden Age

bumfuzzle (2013)

BUM·FUZ·ZLE [buhm-fuhz-uhl] 
A vagrant lover is loyal to heartsick. 
Lost in the puzzle between the flustered heart and the confused head.
Forever responsible for the love i've tamed, 
one can only attempt to cut the chord, burn the rope & bury the crater deep. 

— Christopher Toh, TODAY
“Artful Dodger” was just odd enough to catch our attention. At times cacophonous, it’s oddly enchanting and recalls the early work of The Dirty Projectors.

released August 27, 2013

Music & lyrics written by Inch Chua. 
With the exception of Bumfuzzle (Go Up In Smoke) & Lyre Lyre Hearts On Fyre. 

Bumfuzzle (Go Up In Smoke) written by Inch Chua. 
Composed by Inch Chua, Patrick Taylor & Mark John Hariman. 

Lyre Lyre Hearts On Fyre written by Evelyn Choo. 
Rearranged by Inch Chua. 

Produced by Inch Chua, Leonard Soosay & Mark John Hariman
Recorded by Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studio, Singapore. 
Assistant Engineers: Mark John Hariman, Inch Chua, Mindy Kon & Issa Mel. 

Mixed by Todd Bergman at Repro-Ductions LLC, Los Angles, California. 
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Howie Weinberg mastering.