wallflower (2010)

“Up she got upon a wall, 
tempting down to slide withal
But the silken twist untied, 
so she fell, and, bruis’d, she died. 
love, in pity of the deed, 
and her loving-luckless speed, 
turn’d her to this plant we call  
now the flower of the wall.” 
- Robert Herrick

Released July 17, 2010

All songs were written & composed by Inch Chua, 
with the exception of Mt. Epiphany¹ 
All songs were recorded by Inch Chua & Mark John Hariman at Blue Cote Studios, with the exception of Hurt², Wallflower³ & Have It Your Way⁴. 
All tracking of drums were recorded at Snakeweed Studios
by Leonard Soosay & Martin Kong. 

All songs mixed at Snakeweed Studios with Leonard Soosay. 
All songs mastered by Troy Glessner Of Spectre Mastering Studio, Seattle, WA USA. 

Photography // Alvelyn Alko
Album Art // Clarence Aw